Hello there,

I wanted to summarize my experience of holding my wedding ceremony and reception at the Hilton Mission Valley.

My fianc`e Anand and I got engaged  March of this year and decided that we wanted to get married in Aug of 2014. Our search for places began. We looked at over 50 places and narrowed it down to 3 ( And the Hilton Mission Valley was NOT one of them). To be honest with you, I was a little skeptical about holding my wedding at a Hilton. I am a beach / Ranch kind of person but my experience has proven otherwise.

I saw the Hilton Mission Valley sometime in May. I did not really think too much of it. I received a phone call from Morgan, she followed up with me and was the first person amongst the 50 other places, that  I had seen, who asked me  "what is it going to take for us to host your wedding here". She also said " Give me the opportunity to meet with you one more time to see what we can do for you ". We then decided to see the place one more time.

From there on, every step of the way Morgan, held my hand. I don't have any family here so the entire experience was planned by me and my husband. It was such a blessing to have Morgan by our side throughout the process.

Morgan  went out of her way to give me a little goody bag with all the possible vendors and a bridal magazine to help me plan my wedding.
I cannot begin to express my gratitude to all the Hilton staff for the fantastic job. Every concern I had was addresses within seconds.
Every meeting we had with Morgan was creative, productive and highly efficient.

From being Skeptical about your venue I have now become a Raving fan.
Almost  all of the guests we invited commented that this is by far the best experience they have had at an Indian wedding in their life.

Other people whose efforts I would like to recognize are the banquet manager who even went out of her way to bring us food and make sure we were well fed throughout the event.

Thank you Hilton Mission Valley and Morgan for such an outstanding experience. If she is due for any promotions , I think she definitely has earned it. I am not sure which one of you is her  superior , hence I have decided to email everybody.


Dr. Jumani and Anand Ramachandran